Material specification

All Eclipse profiles are manufactured

from acrylic high impact modified,

Polyvinyl Chloride unplasticised

compound (PVCu).

Product Performance and


Eclipse products have been

independently assessed and have

achieved accreditation from both

the British Standards Institute and the British Board of Agrément and has achieved BS7950 and PAS023/024 - for Weather Performance and Security.


Fully enclosed chambers (four for

the sash and three for the frame)

with increased wall thicknesses offer

additional product strength, rigidity

and performance in addition to

improved thermal efficiency.

2 Reinforcement chamber

The additional chamber enables

galvanised steel reinforcement to be

used for greater strength and rigidity.

3 Single leg bead for

quick and easy glazing

Our single leg beading has a simple

knock-in design that is fitter friendly

and will make glazing on site quick,

easy and more positive. The single

leg bead provides a performance

to BS7950 Security enhancement


4 PCE gasket

Our PCE low level gasket allows

quicker fabrication and installation.

The heat bonded gasket means that

there is no shrinkage or any risk of

the incorrect gasket being fitted. It

gives a consistency in quality and

finish, which reduces any hard

lumps in corners and overcomes any

stretching problems. It features a

new weather seal flipper and 3.0mm

glazing pad for an improved seal.

5 Low level gasket

Our PCE gaskets are low level,

which means they are designed

to fit in with the profile so that the

maximum glass area is made visible

with no unsightly gasket lines.

6 Drainage

A wider drainage channel allows

for a quick draining of any water/

residue built up for an improved


10mm overlap

A 10mm overlap as standard gives

an increased weather performance.

70mm profile

Profile measures 70mm front to

back, to ensure a direct replacement

with timber windows with minimal

trimming or finishing.

Eclipse Esthetique Rustique