The door and how it works

The bifolding door meets the demands of

contemporary living combined with beauty,

function and form. Door panels are configured

into a number of folds for greater versatility,

which concertina into a small space, allowing

optimum light and access into a room with

minimal obstruction.

This allows for a wider opening from a house or

conservatory - extending any home so owners

can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and their

gardens all year round.

Bifolding doors can act as a partition

between two rooms, and are ideal where a

house leads onto a patio or outside area.

WHS Halo doors are suitable for domestic,

commercial & retail applications.

Simple slide and fold operation

Using the recommended gearing ensures

that the door sashes operate smoothly and

effortlessly giving a total performance.

The door leafs are hinged to a mullion supported

by a roller mechanism which slides on tracking.


Fabricated frames are fusion welded to ensure astrong weather resistant joint.

The weld sprue left from the welding process

is either mechanically or manually removed to

leave a neat corner finish. Precise fixing of the

hardware is consistently achieved by the use of

precision-made jigs.

All frames are checked for quality and accuracy

before leaving the fabrication facility.


WHS Halo PVCu bifolding door profile offers a

high quality product with aesthetic appeal. The

compact frame sections mirror the slim sightlines

of traditional wooden frames, but contain four

fully enclosed chambers for increased door

rigidity and superb thermal efficiency properties.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Periodically, wipe down the profiles with

mild liquid detergent solution as necessary.

Proprietary brands of glass cleaner may also be

used. No abrasive-cleaning agents should be

used on the profiles or hardware.

The roller tracks and guide tracks should be

cleaned regularly and kept free from dust and

debris so that the smooth operation of the

rollers is maintained. All movable parts and

locking points of the sliding hardware are to be

greased at least once a year or more depending

on the location of the door.

Check the condition of all weatherseals

annually. These maintenance measures are

particularly important in coastal locations or

inland areas which maybe subject to high levels

of air pollution.


Doors should be surveyed and installed in

accordance with the current BFP/GGF Code

of Practice. In order for the doors to operate

smoothly and the hardware to operate effectively,

it is vital that the door is fitted plumb and level.

WHS Halo Bifolding Door