Terms and Conditions  


The customer agrees to purchase the items listed on the order, and the company agrees to supply them. If the goods are to be delivered or installed,this must be clearly stated on the order.  


It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all work complies with local planning and building regulations.  


Any time or date specified by the company as the time at which or the date on which the goods will be supplied/delivered,or Installed is given in good faith but is given and intended as an estimate only and the company will not be liable for any loss, damage, or expense whatsoever arising from delay in delivery/supply.  


The purchaser agrees to permit access to the company, its servants, and agents, at all reasonable times in connection with the delivery and installation.

n (if required)

The goods will be supplied in exact accordance with the order confirmation signed by the customer. It is the customers responsibility to check that this is correct.   


It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the there are no obstructions  which would prevent correct erection of the conservatory.  


Full settlement of all balances is due immediately upon delivery. The company's agent is authorised to accept payment in cash, building society cheque, or bank draft. Personal cheques must be cleared prior to delivery.  


The company guarantees the product for a period of  10  years from the date of delivery subject to the conditions shown on the guarantee certificate .   


Installation of Livingrooms Conservatories includes full erection of  conservatory including base, sealing of conservatory to house wall initial adjustment of windows, glazing, lead flashing, fitting guttering ready for connection to customers drainage system,and leave site clean and tidy.

Installation does not include, cavity trays, groundwork (other than foundation pads) or underground drainage,unless Specifically stated on the order form.


If the customer does not allow installation on the agreed date, a new installation date will be quoted and the company will charge £100 aborted installation fee to be paid before the conservatory is installed.


This order is not subject to cancellation.


The customer shall not be entitled to reject any goods on account of minor imperfections inherent in the glass process. Due to the possibility of damage during customer installation, broken or scratched units must be notified within 48 hours of delivery and before commencement of installation.(does not apply if company is to install)

All descriptions, specifications, and drawings other than those shown on the contract shall be deemed to be approximate only and shall form no part of this contractf contract.



The company reserves the right to improve and modify their products without prior notification.