Is it damp proof?

Every  Livingrooms base has a double layer of aluminium foil and a heavy duty damp proof membrane. No moisture can travel upwards.

Is it well insulated?  

All livingrooms bases are fitted with 70mm Celotex.                 

Can I fit Ceramic tiles?


Yes , but we recommend  18mm plywood be fitted on top of the chipboard before laying tiles.

What about creep crawlies?

The Livingrooms Base is completely unaffected by any kind of Insect life and there are no gaps allowing insects to penetrate to the inside of the conservatory  

Will it move?

No. The Livingrooms base is built to withstand far greater pressures than it will ever have to cope with. Each base has massive 24mm steel bolts set into concrete foundation pads preventing any possible “bounce”

What about manholes/drains?

Livingrooms bases can be fitted over manholes and drains. A lift up hatch can be fitted to allow access

How much space is needed for a Livingrooms Base?

A minimum of 160mm fromm ground to internal floor level. 200mm would be ideal.

A few frequently asked questions